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NEW TEACHING MODEL:  I will be offering to teach beginning-intermediate piano students THREE times a week over ZOOM for 15 minutes per session. Benefits of this model: 1) More frequent sessions will provide more chances for guided learning, correction, and positive reinforcement 2) shorter lessons will allow for more concise and focused use of time 3) multiple scheduled meeting times each week means built in review and will encourage natural habit-building 

While I love performing as a collaborative pianist and serving as an accompanist, it also brings me great joy to guide students as a teacher and coach. If you take lessons with me, you would have the benefit of working with someone who is experienced as an avid performer and an active professional. Having acquired degrees in piano performance at the undergraduate and graduate level (including a second master degree in Collaborative Piano), I can offer a high level of musical and artistic perspective in my teaching. Furthermore, I am known to be patient and compassionate in my interactions. Read these testimonials below from parents whose kids I have accompanied:



My son, Logan, is a clarinet performance major at the University of Oregon. We have had the pleasure of working with Andrew Pham for the past several years as an accompanist for music recitals and competitions. We greatly appreciate his professionalism, helpful insights and commitment to producing quality work. Whether it’s a rehearsal or live performance, Andrew is always prepared and prompt. In addition to his extraordinary ability, Andrew is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. His calm and encouraging demeaner immediately puts you at ease. He is at the very top of our list whenever someone asks for a recommendation. -L. Leister

Andrew Pham honestly was nothing short of amazing!  Yes, he provided professional, beautiful, and spot-on piano accompaniment to our daughter.  In fact, she won the competition and was the featured soloist (Shostokovich cello concerto) for the youth symphony at their end-of-season concert.  But that is not where we felt the short, but incredible impact for our daughter.  Andrew relates to teenagers in a way that they understand and appreciate.  She was struggling with extreme performance anxiety at the time, and was desirous of using drugs to help alleviate her performance stress.  As her parents, we were not in agreement with that solution.  Somehow, in his quiet and sincere way, Andrew influenced our daughter to steer clear of chemical solutions.  Thank you Andrew, for not just being an incredible piano accompanist, but for being a wonderfully caring individual as well.  

-T. Walters

I would love to support you in your pursuits if you are serious about finding your way as a musician and exploring the craft of piano.


Lessons focus on piano technique, sight-reading, composition, piano accompanying, improvisation, and classical repertoire. As a teacher, I am very patient and gentle. I encourage students to use their ears to listen carefully to their own sound. I emphasize the importance of feeling rhythm internally, and I insist on striving for not just notes but nuance. Lessons engage the imagination through creative and personal thoughtful understanding of the music.

I am a member of the Oregon Music Teacher Association and use the OMTA Syllabus as a way to set performance and musicianship goals over the course of the year.

Teaching Experience


  • Shedd Institute Faculty Instructor: Private Piano Lessons

  • Shedd Institute Faculty Instructor: Studio Workshop for Adults

  • University of Oregon Piano Pedagogy Practicum

  • Chamber music coach at Interlochen Arts Camp

  • James Madison University Piano Pedagogy Practicum

  • Assistant to Collaborative Piano Professor at JMU

  • Music Theory Tutor at JMU

Are you a parent looking for a piano teacher to cultivate your child's interest in piano? 

Are you a musical amateur with some preexisting piano experience looking for someone to help you surmount some musical obstacles?

Send me a message and let's talk. 

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