R e c o r d i n g s  ( S o l o )

Selected Preludes, Alexander Scriabin

Op. 11 no. 1 in C major

Op. 11 no. 2 in a minor

Op. 11 no. 6 in b minor

Op. 11 no. 12 in g# minor

Op. 2 no. 2 in B major

Op. 11 no. 3 in G major

Op. 11 no. 9 in E major


Beall Concert Hall, Eugene OR

Les jeux d'eaux à la Villa d'Este, Franz Liszt

Auer Hall, Bloomington, IN

Sonata in A Major, César Franck

I. Allegretto ben moderato


Kathryn Brunhaver, Violincello

Beall Hall, Eugene, OR

Four songs, Rebecca Clarke

The Seal Man

Down by the Salley Gardens

Tiger, Tiger

The Cloths of Heaven


Alyse Jamieson, mezzo-contralto

Beall Concert Hall, Eugene, OR

Zwei Gesänge, Op. 91,  Johannes Brahms

I. Gestillte Sehnsucht

II. Geistliches Wiegenlied


Olivia Davis, viola,

Alyse Jamieson, mezzo-contralto

Beall Hall, Eugene, OR

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